Skills Assessment Funding

If you already have the skills and experience in a trade, it can be difficult to spend the money for the official qualification. CTI have partnered with Construction Skills Queensland and Smart & Skilled NSW to provide funding for participants in our skills assessment and prior learning programs.

CSQ Funding through SAGT program QLD

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) offers funding to eligible participants entering into Recommended Prior Learning (RPL) training and assessments via the Skills Assessment and Gap Training (SAGT) program.

CSQ Funding Eligibility

To be eligible for funding under this program, you must meet the following criteria:

Smart & Skilled Funding NSW

This program is for tradesmen in NSW and with at least three years’ experience in their trade who wish to become qualified. Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system and offers funding to eligible participants entering the Skills Assessment program.

Smart & Skilled Funding Eligibility

To be eligible for funding under these programs, you must be:

  • 15 years or older
  • No longer attending school
  • Living or working in NSW or QLD
  • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen

Skills Assessments funded by Smart & Skilled


Qualifications offered under this program are:

  • Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying CPC30111
  • Certificate III in Concreting CPC30313
  • Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing CPC31411
  • Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling CPC31311

Get qualified for $39/fortnight!

Student Fees

The final amount of student fees you are required to pay is determined by Smart & Skilled and can vary, based on a number of factors. To keep it simple and affordable for everyone, we offer payment plans of $39/fortnight. You can continue to pay this after you have already received your qualification.

See examples of other students payment plans.

Varying factors include:

  • How many units you are already competent in and how many require gap training
  • Whether this will be your first qualification
  • Whether you are eligible for concession rate or even fee exemption

Once the assessment has been completed with your CTI trainer, then the final price for the student fees will be available.

The maximum amount a student could be charged is $2960 (if it is the first qualification) or $3550 (for subsequent qualifications). This would only be the case if your CTI trainer determines you currently have adequate skills in any units and are eligible for concession or fee exemption.

Concessions and Exemptions

Concessions are available for students who are a Welfare recipient or the dependent child or partner of someone who is a welfare recipient.

Full fee exemption is available for students who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, have a disability or are the dependent child, spouse or partner of someone receiving a Commonwealth Disability pension. Fee-Free Scholarships are also available for those who are 15-30 years of age when they start their course and are a welfare recipient.

To be eligible for concession for a disability you will need to provide one of the following with your enrolment form:

  • Proof of Disability Support Pension from Centrelink
  • A letter stating you need training support from a medical practitioner, an appropriate government agency or relevant specialist
  • Proof of dependent child of Disability Support Pension recipient from Centrelink

To be eligible for a welfare concession or Fee-Free Scholarship, you will need to provide one of the following with your enrolment form:

  • Proof of benefit from Centrelink
  • Proof of dependent child of a specified welfare recipient from Centrelink

CTI is a contracted Registered Training Organisations (RTO) for CSQ and Smart & Skilled. Find out more about the process.


To get started, you are required to complete an online enrolment form, and set-up your payment plan. Places are limited, so please contact us if you would like to get started – 1300 859 091